Certain Lee The Best

Certain Potential X Consider Me Best

Cool Lookin Lady Too

Dont Skip Zip X Ima Cool Robin

IGotta Be Hot

Extremely Hot Chips X I Got A Goodie

Kiss OnThe OpenRange

Open Range X Zipped N Kissed

KM Best In Line

RL Best Of Sudden X Hot Little Mama

KM Champagne Life

RL Best Of Sudden X Brandys Silver Sheik

KM Cant Touch This

RL Best Of Sudden X Nothin But Jazz

Later Allocator

Allocate Your Assests X Look N Hot Sister

Moonlit Machine

Only In The Moonlite X Goodbars N Cadillacs

Ms Diva

Battman X A Certain Diva

One Hot Sister

One Hot Invitation X Aint She A Flert

RL Best Machine

The Lopin Machine X Best Made Zip

Talkin Bout Peace

Peace Out Man X BMQ Talkin Dirty

Western Details

The Next Detail X That Ladys Pretty